Get SASS running on Windows

I have had some bad luck using SASS on Windows.  Sure, I tried  Scout and all that, but the workflow just kinda… didn’t work for me. So, here we go with a pretty damn simple method that works damn well.

Note: This is for static HTML pages on a hard drive being viewed in your browser.

1. Download Ruby for Windows

2. Install with default settings, selecting only ‘Add ruby executables to your path’

3. Open a command prompt and type just this:  

gem install sass

4. Make a new directory wherever you want to make a new html/css project.

5. Open CMD (the command line window)

6. Go to the directory where you have your css (D:\project\css or whatever)

7. Make ruby+sass watch a css file by typing this:

sass --watch style.scss:style.css

8. That’s about it.

Of course you can edit that last command with whatever file names you like, just make sure the command is fomatted the same, with the double hyphens.

Taa daa!